Sunday, June 27, 2010

Collaborative exercise

The poem I'm going to share comes from a collaborative effort. My two bestfriends and I sometimes write poems together. Normally the process goes like this: we choose a subject matter such as blue or gold, or even certain words like elixir, dice, or ember, for example, and each commence to writing a stanza. Afterward, we read them and order them based on how we feel the pieces best fit. It's a good writing excercise because we don't have to be near one another to participate, considerating the three of us are split up all over the place. One of my bestfriends lives in Miami, Florida and the other in Japan. I'm only going to include my part since the other parts are not mine to share or not share, and also because my friend in Japan has yet to contribute his part, so it's not exactly complete.


you like a horizon I can’t brush with fingertips
you like the eye of the dawn (young and full and as open as a flower)
you like wax puddling from my flame
you like saffron lingering on my tongue
you like dry heat cloaking me
you like sleep I desperately need
you like air im gasping to catch

i don’t know why love opens and closes its hand
the way it does
but I know I love the way its upturned palm
is bludgeoned with cracks
its long fingers spread apart, as if offering a gift

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