Sunday, June 27, 2010

Collaborative exercise

The poem I'm going to share comes from a collaborative effort. My two bestfriends and I sometimes write poems together. Normally the process goes like this: we choose a subject matter such as blue or gold, or even certain words like elixir, dice, or ember, for example, and each commence to writing a stanza. Afterward, we read them and order them based on how we feel the pieces best fit. It's a good writing excercise because we don't have to be near one another to participate, considerating the three of us are split up all over the place. One of my bestfriends lives in Miami, Florida and the other in Japan. I'm only going to include my part since the other parts are not mine to share or not share, and also because my friend in Japan has yet to contribute his part, so it's not exactly complete.


you like a horizon I can’t brush with fingertips
you like the eye of the dawn (young and full and as open as a flower)
you like wax puddling from my flame
you like saffron lingering on my tongue
you like dry heat cloaking me
you like sleep I desperately need
you like air im gasping to catch

i don’t know why love opens and closes its hand
the way it does
but I know I love the way its upturned palm
is bludgeoned with cracks
its long fingers spread apart, as if offering a gift

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something You Need or Need Not Miss

A weeks ago I received So Much Things to Say, an anthology of about 100 poets and writers from the first ten years of the Calabash International Literary Festival held annually in Treasure Coast, Jamaica. I've been taking my time going through it, in part because I have next to no time for leisure and second because everytime I come across a poem I like it just adds to the list of pending writing excercises I have yet to start on. Note to self: I will not allow dull as pencil lead Sierra Vista, Arizona and the army keep me from writing. Anyway, since reading I've come across many new poets, one of which I'd like to share.
Fabian Thomas heads the SANKOFA Arts and Faciliation and lectures part-time at the Montego Bay Community College. There isn't much information on Mr. Thomas out there on the worldwide web, however from my research I gather that he works in performing arts and that he was a graduate from Fordham University and the University of the West Indies. His poem "Healing" I feel in love with for its simplicity, and its easy way with words. But don't take my word for it, read and see for yourself.

HEALING by Fabian Thomas

to the water
and I will
hold you
your embattled body
wash your bludgeoned spirit
splash healing droplets
on your face
its beauty marred
sores left
by curse word venom
take my tongue
to these wounds
cleanse them
lance them
drain the hateful pus

to the water
your breath
with garroted truths
you fear to tell
and i will kiss you
my lips
you whole
my saliva will serve as
to cancerous cankers
loosen your tongue
give you voice
to affirm your life
set you to singing

to the water
my raw body
an exposed nerve
your hands
massage my insides
extract gangrene
from my veins
left by
phobias and hate
your fingers
fill holes
made by derision
friends and family

to the water
let us
prepare potions
spiritual elixirs
pride tonics
emetics to vent the spleen
shed tears
to replenish the pool
find other
bodies broken
souls shattered
eyes put out
spirits splintered
lead them
to the water
to bathe in love
and be healed.