Sunday, October 25, 2009

muse's monologue 1

muse's monologue

"what do you like ba(b)y? cigarello sweets or dull weed?

i have something to confess. i come faster than the

average woman. only be afraid if you can't swim. (haha).

i also may get lost in the music but not lost like can't find

my way lost like time runs faster than my eyes can capture

or darkness flapping its wideness down. something about

your love feels like the rubberiness of cartilage. i don't think

i like it. there is something barbaric about sadness. the sounds like

wailing, bawling, thrusting deep undercurrent to the warmer

things you say. i am holding love in the pitch dark of my eyeballs. few

notice it there. it is a good hiding place. love is an party invitation

i have often not rsvped to. i am a woman who touches herself often

if the right music is playing. will you play the right music for me? do you

know the minnie riperton song 'inside my love' where she belts for

like a minute straight? can you make me come so good i sound like that?"

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