Saturday, October 31, 2009

Literary Reviews

Though I have no list to order what I ought to do next in terms my "writing career," I am now on step two or three, theoretically. Today I submitted my work to some literary reviews, in order to get my rejections out of the way. I did the Ampersand Review and the Ward 6 Review. Though most reviews allow you to submit up to five poems, I decided to only submit three: "approaching Lost," "Muse," and "Owning" (formally named "Firsts"). In retrospect, I should have included "Willing Back Grandmother" but I was concerned about bearing my work with too much melancholy material, especially since "approaching Lost" is so gritty and bleak . I didn't want the reviewers to think of me as morbid or overtly sexual. But that's the issue with poems, they are what they are and not the sum total of their maker. It's still always a little unnerving when you have to share your poetry with others without them making some sort of snapshot of you based on thethings you say in your work. It is for this reason that I am of the camp that believes poetry stands aside from its creator.
Poets & Writers ( has a catalogue of reviews for budding and professional writers alike. I wasn't able to rifle through them all but I did enough research on the two I submitted to to be confident of my submissions. Although the Ampersand Review was so hilarious I thought I ought to submit a more funny poem. Maybe. I decided to send them a poem with ampersands instead, hopefully that counts for something in addition to the fact that I think it's a damn good poem. Either way, they're the final say. And as stated before, I'm simply getting my letters of rejection out of the way. Perhaps if these three do not work, next time I'll try writing something funnier.

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