Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poem in the Shop

Not so special treat today, I have a poem that is currently in the shop, meaning it's untitled and unfinished. In the following weeks I'll try to workshop it and see what evolves. In the meantime, enjoy the appetizer.

a brown man like a boy toddles forth in my thoughts
eyes so wide they see only me
i am remembering
things he said
(but forgetting places he touched) and wondering
where i stopped loving him –
was it in jamaica when i saw men give of themselves like fruit trees
or was it in jersey where the concrete walks
resound so hard against timberland boots they make rain come down?

i want to call the sort of love he gave denial
but his fishlike eyes say he knew no better,
that i am the one mistaking fat cherubs for lovers.

where are the fingers to rewind my lukewarm-satirical
in this performance i am the shrewd to be tamed with bright words
like plucked strings like wind chimes tingling (because) when he comes
he is like the wind
as hard or as cool as he wants to be

but no. it's like pinching. when i think of him. a pain so sly it waits
to burn you.

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