Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pheonix Rising: maybe an allusion to Maxwell's song (of myself)

Ok so I had a blog a year or so ago and it was dedicated to critiquing poetry on Verse Daily. It was primarily for a Poetry Workshop I was taking at the time. Thus not of my own volition. This effort however is. After reading Geoffrey Philps' blogs I felt, excuse me for sounding trite, but inspired and encouraged to write again.
When you're not surrounded by writers it is easy to forget that that title is not afforded without sufficient work and diligence. With that said I'd like to share some of Philps' words that captivated me so much today.

"A writer learns her craft by toil, failure, and providence. But mostly from failure. For writing is a solitary discipline--learning to create a poem, short story or poem from a fleeting phrase, an ephemeral image or an indelible experience. And she must do this by using language that is true to her life and her community while she is also learning from other writers, living or dead, how to balance tone and rhythm, metaphor and rhyme, plot and pacing while maintaining her unique vision. This, as Pam Mordecai recently stated, takes persistence and courage.

"For it is so easy to give in and fade into the crowd. Better to be a prodigal and to be welcomed back into the bleating herd of writers.But if she is lucky, she may find a way to speak with confidence in the timbre of her own voice.

If she is very lucky, she may find a living mentor who may offer her guidance at a crucial stage of her career. A living mentor, as John O' Donohue has suggested in Divine Beauty, has a valuable place in any society: 'To know they are there, day in day out, at the frontiers of their own limitation and vision, probing further into new possibility, enduring at lonely thresholds in the hope of discovery, to know they are willing to risk everything is both disturbing and comforting' (257)"

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